The Team


Juan Morales is a highly skilled and dedicated canine trainer who has made it his mission's work to improve the lives of dogs. While raised in upstate New York, Juan has always had a deep love and respect for dogs. However, it wasn't until he enlisted in the Marine Corps that his passion for working with dogs truly took off. During his deployments to the Middle East and Africa, Juan observed the fascinating ways in which domesticated and feral dogs interacted with each other, sparking his interest in animal behavior and training.

While deployed Juan's unit worked closely with military working dog handler teams, which gave him a new appreciation for the incredible abilities and potential of these dogs. After leaving the military, Juan pursued a career in law enforcement where he responded to cases of animal abuse and cruelty. As a police officer, Juan worked with the ASPCA and local shelters allowing him to witness firsthand the devastating effects from the mistreatment of animals. This fueled his commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of dogs.

Juan eventually decided to venture out independently and become a dog trainer. He has since become a well-respected trainer, specializing in canine aggression cases. His experience in the military and in law enforcement has helped him relate to his clients and their dogs, providing them with a unique perspective and understanding.

Juan is also an active competitor and certified decoy in IGP, a dog sport formerly known as Schutzhund. He apprenticed under John Soares, a highly sought-after protection and sport dog trainer, and is a graduate of his JSK9 Decoy/protection dog trainer course.

Juan's love and dedication to dogs extend beyond his professional career. He has a wife who is also a canine trainer and three beautiful children who share his love for dogs. Together, they are a family of "dog people," and they take great joy in sharing their love and knowledge of dogs with others.


Nicole Morales is a highly skilled and experienced dog trainer, who has dedicated her life to working with dogs. Her passion for dogs began at a young age, as she grew up in a family that owned several pets. As the daughter of Marines, she had the opportunity to live in different parts of the world, including Syria and Japan, where she gained exposure to different cultures and ways of life.

Despite the many changes in her life, Nicole always found comfort and joy in the company of animals. This love eventually led her to pursue a career in dog training. After obtaining her bachelor's degree in organizational psychology, she worked as a groomer for Ruff House Kennels. During this time, she gained valuable experience working with a variety of breeds and personalities.

Nicole's desire to expand her knowledge and expertise in dog training led her to attend the professional dog trainer course at The Catch Canine Trainers Academy. There, she honed her skills in obedience, behavior modification, and aggression management. She also learned how to develop training programs tailored to each dog's individual needs.

Following her graduation from The Catch Canine Trainers Academy, Nicole continued her education and training by completing the JSK9 Commercial Dog Trainers Course. This rigorous course taught her advanced techniques in off-leash training, scent detection, and protection work.

Nicole's dedication and passion for dog training extend beyond her professional life. She is an active competitor in the dog sport known as IPO (formerly known as schutzhund), where she has achieved great success with her own dogs. Her commitment to the sport and her dogs is a testament to her unwavering love for all things canine.

Today, Nicole is a highly respected and sought-after dog trainer, known for her compassionate approach and exceptional results. She is married with three children and continues to live a fulfilling life with her furry friends by her side.